Newsletter September 2019

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    Principal’s News – September 2019

    Back to School Night was held Tuesday, August 27th. We discussed the PTA budget, introduced our staff, and met with individual teachers. If you were unable to attend, please reach out to your students’ teacher for important classroom information.

    With the heat of summer comes the abundance of fruit.  Fruit provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, all of which help to reduce the risk of chronic disease and obesity.  So, don't avoid it because it contains sugar. Instead of reaching for the ice cream, some cake or a candy bar, reach for a piece of fruit.  To make it easier;

    1. Keep a bowl of fruit on the counter.
    2. Reach for a piece of fruit first when having a sweet craving.
    3. Add fruit to enhance foods, like salads and pizza.
    4. Grill fruit, like pineapple and peaches.  This makes a great side to many meals.
    5. When eating out, ask for fruit instead of fries or an unhealthy side.

    We will continue with our schoolwide focus on GRIT and perseverance and add a healthy dose of understanding boundaries. We define boundary as a “property line” where one person ends and someone else begins. A child needs to know where she/he begins so they can take responsibility only for what they need to and allow others to take responsibility for themselves. Our roles are to provide the child with a safe environment for learning and gaining wisdom. Too little freedom to gain experience and the child forever remains a child. Too much freedom, the child is in danger of hurting himself or others. Balancing freedom, responsibility, and choice is a major task in working with children. What healthy boundaries do you have for you and your children? This is a great family reflection question.

    Boundaries teach children to trust not only others, but also themselves. – Brenda L Yoder

    Calendar items:

    September 2 – No School

    September 4 – Picture Day

    September 9 – 4:15pm SCC Meeting

    September 5 – FUN RUN kick off

    September 11 – 10am PTA meeting

    September 12 – Vision Screening

    September 18 – Money due for FUN RUN

    September 20 – FUN RUN!!!

    September 20 – SCC nomination forms due

    September 24 – 7:45am Books and Bagels

    September 25&26 – Parent Teacher Conferences

    September 26 – Hearing Screening

    September 27 – No School

    Internet Safety 2019

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    In the online world, social networking sites have become a predominant forum for kids to present themselves, seek approval, and describe their interests. One of the defining features of most social networking pages is the visual and audio clutter; these sites often look like over-decorated high school yearbooks or scrapbooks. Teens use these pages as a place to feature everything in their heads and hearts that they want people to know about. The central feature of these sites is the ability to connect with people and share information.

    The link below has a collection of Parent’s Guides to different social media apps and sites yours children may be using.

    Parent Guide to Social Media Link

    Social Skills 2019

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    Today’s Social Skills Lesson

    Today, your child was presented a social skills class coordinated by our counseling team.

    We began with a review of our school wide theme of “GRRR”: Granite Grizzlies are Responsible, Respectful and Ready to learn! The social skills classes each month will provide the skills to “GRRR”!

    • We participated in a mindfulness breathing and relaxing exercise.
    • We also reviewed “If you don’t show it, they won’t know it!”
    • Today’s topics:
      • Perseverance/Grit: Not quitting, being “ok” with working hard.
      • Trying something new: How does that feel? How do we ask for help?
      • When things are easy, how do we respond to others struggling with the same task?

    Please discuss with your child what he/she has learned from this lesson. It can provide a wonderful form of reinforcement of essential interpersonal skills