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March Newsletter - 2018

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Principal’s News – March 2018

Teach your child about evaluating information and being critically aware of information found online. 

Most children use the Internet to improve and develop knowledge in relation to schoolwork and personal interests. Children should be aware that not all information found online is correct, accurate or relevant. Educate children on how to verify information they find by comparing to alternative sources on the same topic. Show them trusted sites they can use to compare information.

March is almost here and we need to keep marching in the right direction of personal health.

Here are some tips to keep you in the Granite Groove:

  1. March on over and turn off your devices one day per week.  Our tech devices are keeping our stress levels high by constantly interrupting our thoughts and our day.  We need to power down one day per week and let our minds de-stress.
  2. Make snacks count:  dice up an apple, microwave for 90 seconds. AFTER you microwave, add as much cinnamon as you like, and a handful of walnuts…YUM!
  3. Move, move, move…set your phone for 30-45 minute intervals.  When your phone’s alarm goes off, get up and move…do jumping jacks, leg lifts, crunches…hold plank for a minute!

Kindergarten orientation will be held Friday, April 13, 2018. If you know of any incoming kindergarteners, please have them contact the office.

This year the staff of Granite Elementary has been studying Grit in the Classroom. Grit is the result of persistence, passion, and commitment. Grit cannot be cultivated in an environment where children are given everything they want. It also can’t be developed if they never get a taste of earned success. Grit can be strategically developed through failure and healthy responses. (Sanguras 2017). We believe that a gritty kid is someone who knows what it’s like to face obstacles and overcome them. A child who believes in hard work and, even more important, believes in him- or herself. Engaging student both at home and in school is a key component for building grit. Each month, information will be shared about grit and what we are doing at school. Along with simple ideas for support and fun engagement at home. “Teachers who help their students develop grit know where their students are and give them tools to think, not do the thinking for them.” – Andrew Miller

Calendar for March:

March 1st: Early out, 1:55pm

March 2nd: No school

March 6th: Birthday table

March 7th: PTA meeting, 10am

March 9th: Meet the Masters

March 13th: Spring pictures

March 19th: School Community Council meeting, 4:15pm

March 22nd: 3rd grade play for parents, 2:00pm