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March Social Skill 2018

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Today’s Social Skills Lesson

Today, your child was presented a social skills class coordinated by our counseling team. Here are some of the details:


  • We began with our segment on mindfulness breathing and relaxing.
  • Review of the Kind Words Challenge &“If you don’t show it, they won’t know it!”
  • Today’s Topics:
    • Self-Control: Review what to do when angry-using our steps of: 1. Stop, breathe, and count 2. Think what you are mad about and 3. Use a sentence that starts with “I feel”.
    • Tattling /vs./Telling: Tattling is when we are trying to get the other person in trouble. Telling is when we are trying to get help.
    • Teasing: How it can be risky. You (Kids) are growing and changing everyday. What is funny one day may not be the next. We risk unintentionally insulting another person.
    • Bullying: Review definition of bullying and how is can be different then a mere argument between two people. NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO HURT YOU. YOU ARE SPECIAL!
      • Definition: When someone intentionally, over and over, tries to hurt you with his or her body or words to make him/herself feel bigger/more powerful.
      • Special steps to deal with Bullying:
        • Avoid
        • Ignore
        • M
        • Ask the other person to stop
        • Tell the other person to stop
        • Tell a trusted adult

Please discuss with your child what he/she has learned from this lesson. It can provide a wonderful form of reinforcement of essential interpersonal skills.