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May/June Social Skills

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Today’s Social Skills Lesson

Today, your child was presented a social skills class coordinated by our counseling team. Here are some of the details:

  • We began with our segment on mindfulness breathing and relaxing.
  • Today’s Topics:
    • We reviewed and celebrated what we have learned this year: Kind words, “When do I think it and when do I say it?”, body basics, how to start a conversation, how to keep a conversation going, how to join a group, how to accept “no” for an answer, how to thank someone, how to shake hands, how to keep a friend, and solve problems, how to be a good sport, how to calm down, how to try hard and to not quit, the differences between tattling an telling and how to handle bullying. WOW!
    • Now….Taking all of that and being good leaders:
      • What skills does a good leader have? Listens, fair, takes turns
      • Difference of being a good “boss” and being “bossy”.
      • Do you always get your way? Is that ok?
  • All linked to self-esteem. When you feel good inside, it is easy to be good to others.
    • Care for yourself!

Please discuss with your child what he/she has learned from this lesson. It can provide a wonderful form of reinforcement of essential interpersonal skills.