August 2018 Newsletter

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    Principal’s New – August 2018

    Welcome back!!! Our hallways will now be filled with little feet and backpacks. I hope your summer vacation was filled with long nights, sleeping in, smores, swimming, laughter and plenty of family time.

    We have a few staffing changes at Granite Elementary. Ms. Young is our new 4th grade teacher, replacing Mrs. Zarbock who retired. Ms. Patterson is our new 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Perry left education to pursue a different career opportunity. Mrs. Durrant is our new social worker. Ms. Leonard is our achievement coach. Mrs. Palmer is our speech and language pathologist, supporting our extended core students. Please help by giving them a big welcome!

    Granite Groove: Muscle is our best friend, especially as we age (and there isn't one of us who isn't doing that).  Unfortunately, we can lose up to 8% of muscle mass each decade...which may lead to weakness, fatigue, mobility issues and an increase in falls and bone injuries. Fortunately, there IS something we can do about it...

    1. Research resistance exercises.
    2. Perform resistance exercises in 15-20 minutes sessions, 2-3 times a week.
    3. Eat a well-balanced, protein-rich diet.

    Go easy at first, with just a few exercises and light weight. You can increase both over time.

    Here are a few calendar items to be aware of for August and September:

    August 22nd    First Day of School for 1st-5th

    August 27th    First Day of School for Kindergarten

    August 27th    First SCC meeting; 4:15pm

    August 28th    Back to School Night; 6:30pm-8:00pm

    August 31st     Fun Run Assembly for students

    September 3rd No School

    September 7th Picture Day

    September 11th Birthday table for July, August, and September birthdays

    September 12th Dibels testing for 3rd-5th grade

    September 14th Dibles testing for K-2nd

                               PTA annual FUN RUN

    September 21st NO SCHOOL

    September 26th & 27th Parent Teacher Conferences

    September 28th NO SCHOOL

    Granite GRIT: Listening is the best way to connect with children. When we put down our phones, our to do lists, and give our children eye contact we show them we are listening. Try to increase your eye to eye contact with intentional listening with your children by 5-7 minutes a day. Starting this ritual early on will benefit future connection and conversations.