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Social Skills November 2018

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Today’s Social Skills Lesson

Today, your child was presented a social skills class coordinated by our counseling team.

We began with a review of our school wide theme of “GRRR”: Granite Grizzlies are Responsible, Respectful and Ready to learn! The social skills classes each month will provide the skills to “GRRR”!

  • We participated in a mindfulness breathing and relaxing exercise.
  • We also reviewed “If you don’t show it, they won’t know it!”
  • Today’s topics:
    • Not Interrupting: Understanding that sometimes we have to wait and that sometimes a person might be busy thinking something and we may need to ask if they “have a moment”.
    • Accepting “No” for an answer: Understanding that we need to take a deep breath, not whine or beg and accept the answer given. Accepting “No” in a respectful way will help the person consider “yes” in the future!
    • Calming Down: 1. Stop, breathe, count. 2.THINK what you are mad about. 3. Use a sentence that starts with “I feel”.
    • Thanking a person: Understanding that 1. Looking someone in the eye, 2. Using their name and 3. Thanking them for something very specific is important when expressing gratitude.
    • Handshake: Understanding that a confident, strong and respectful handshake says a lot to a person and a lot about oneself.

Please discuss with your child what he/she has learned from this lesson. It can provide a wonderful form of reinforcement of essential interpersonal skills.