January Newsletter 2018

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Principal’s New – January 2018

The new fiscal year is upon us. Welcome to 2018! With the change of weather and air quality we want to remind you of the policy for outside recess. In agreement with our SCC, when the real feel temperature is 22 degrees or below our students will remain inside. The office will check the air quality 15 to 30 minutes before recess, using air.utah.gov, to determine if any or all students are at risk to be outside. If your student needs to remain inside for recess please send a note to the teacher. Make sure your student comes appropriately dressed for the weather.

If your child is running a fever, please keep them home until they are 24 hours fever free. Colds and coughs are part of this season. If you need to keep your child home please call the office. If your child is out for more than 3 days, please send a doctor’s note.

Encourage your child to be careful when disclosing personal information

It is important to be aware that many web pages made for children ask them for personal information in order to access personalized content. Being conscious of when and where it is all right to reveal personal information is vital. A simple rule for younger children could be that the child should not give out name, phone number or photo without your approval.

Older children using social networking sites like Facebook should be selective about what personal information and photos they post to online spaces. Once material is online you can no longer control who sees it or how it is used.

Teach your social networking teenagers how to use and apply the privacy and security settings of the site. All responsible sites have a Safety Centre and a Block and Reporting system. Learn together with your teen how to use the safety and security settings of the site.

It’s that time of year to make our “New Years Resolutions.”  Truthfully, it should not be about resolutions but about commitment.

1.  Commit to doing something healthy for yourself every day, for the rest of your life.  Health is not an end, but a means with which to live our lives.

2.  It takes, on average 66 days, to create a habit.  You can stick to anything for 66 days, and day 67 is just one more.

3.  Take one day per week to indulge in those things that you have given up during the other 6…this way you won’t feel so deprived of some of the things you really love.

Calendar items for January:

January 2 – birthday table for December and January birthdays

January 3 – 10am PTA meeting

January 15 – No school

January 19 – No School

January 22 – 4:15 SCC meeting

January 26 – Work Based Learning Career Day