March 2019 Newsletter

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Principal’s News – March 2019

Keep the Ball Rolling: Encourage Them to Talk

The key to getting a child to open us is to say very little. Kenneth R Ginsburg in Building Resilience in Children and Teens suggests two keys points when encouraging your children to talk. First, remember the power of silence. Saying nothing can send a loud message that you are accepting the person who is talking. Second, listen attentively and give brief statements. When you do this your child knows you’re impressed that they are talking and you are eager to hear more about what they have to say. Some examples include: Tell me more. Wow, you have quite a story. Please keep talking, this is interesting. It means a lot that you feel comfortable talking to me. This month’s challenge is to be intentional about your conversations with your children and encourage them to talk more and for you to listen more.

Granite Groove: Trying to lose weight…

  1. Try eating protein and vegetables in the morning (a healthy egg and veggie dish).
  2. Reduce your salt intake. Salt causes changes in your body that will actually cause an increase in your appetite).
  3. Make sure you are getting a good night’s rest (a full 8 hours of peaceful sleep).

Calendar items:

March 5        Spring pictures

March 6        Teens & Screens, 6:30pm Brighton High. How video games, screens,                          and social media are affecting their brain development and                                                emotional wellness. Quest speaker is Katey McPherson and health                                    expert Dan Braun.

March 8        Meet the Masters assembly

March 13      10am PTA meeting

March 18      4:15pm SCC meeting

March 21      2:00pm Parent performance of School House Rock, 3rd grade

Looking forward: April 1st-April 5th, Spring Break…No School