Principal's Newsletter April 2019

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Principal’s News – April 2019

Here’s your April Granite Groove tips:

  1. Get strong not skinny (10,000 steps a day and a little strength training is all you need)
  2. Cut out the white stuff (bread, rice, pasta, sugar, flour).
  3. Bring on the broccoli and other cruciferous veggies.
  4. Summer is coming folks!!!

In the online world, social networking sites have become a predominant forum for kids to present themselves, seek approval, and describe their interests. One of the defining features of most social networking pages is the visual and audio clutter; these sites often look like over-decorated high school yearbooks or scrapbooks. Teens use these pages as a place to feature everything in their heads and hearts that they want people to know about. The central feature of these sites is the ability to connect with people and share information.

The link below has a collection of Parent’s Guides to different social media apps and sites your children may be using.

According to Claire and Jonah (2019) in a recent NY Times article, it stated: “If children have never faced an obstacle, what happens when they get into the real world? The point is to prepare the kid for the road, instead of the preparing the road for the kid.” As hard as it is to watch our children grow up, it is critical to their well-being and independence. As we continue to focus on GRIT, there is a great reminder from, Ginsburg and Jablow. Building Resilience in Children and Teens. The authors remark, “Generate a road map of each step that needs to be mastered to gain the skills and confidence that will prepare them to meet the overall challenges of life.” (Ginsburg and Jablow, 2015, p. 281). The challenge for this month is to begin to consider the road map and each step for your children to become healthy functioning adults. Write it out. Share it with them. Consider each mile stone and congruent step along the way.

Calendar items:

April 1-5          Spring Break – No School

April 9             Bday table for April, May and June birthdays

April 10           10am PTA meeting

April 12           1pm NOVA graduation for 5th grade

April 15           4:15pm SCC meeting

April 19           2:30pm Kindergarten Orientation

April 22           4th/5th grade field trip to Natural History Museum