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SCC Members:

_x_Katie D (chair)      
_x_Kelly F                 
_x_Laura W                  
_x_ Kevin T
_x_Jenny (PTA)                      

_x_Michelle S           
_x_Kim W
_x_Terri P                
_x_Tiffany S (co-chair)
_x_Ronnie M (admin)

Approve Minutes:
Kevin approved the minutes. Kelly F second the motion

Chair Report:
SCC training -please make sure to complete your online training through the district

Reports from subcommittee:
Principal: Goals for TSSP/Landtrust plans and budgets review – reviewed the goals listed below.  Some technology money-talk with BLT team to determine where to best use the money.

Living Leader – Laura Bossard it Granite’s Living Leader. She sends home the healthy tips on the monthly newsletter. Also encourages staff to be healthy. Working on the mental component.

Acadience/RI data -Reviewed the documents attached. Doing better than expected considering covid. Learning option process-Nov 1st-8th families can request a change. Class rosters will change according to those changes. Friday November 23rd to reassign all their students. Anticipate 1/2 online students to come back. Things will be changing so we need time for teachers to adjust.

Friday Continued Learning Opportunities – Week one went well with some bumps. Recommended times per grade from principal. Time frame per grade should look the same. No new learning. Hybrid of packets (traditional) and online. This is in place through December.

COVID quarantine – Granite sits at zero school exposures. If a student does get exposed at school can come back if symptom free after 7 days and on the 7th day if they get a negative covid test.

Granite stats -0 school transmission. a few covid cases but did not get exposed at school.

Safety – Lockdown Drill -teachers this month will practice with their students what they will do in a lockdown, not actually going to practice this due to covid.

Landtrust budget and goals update: Approximately 80% of students are reaching benchmark in reading and math according to Dibels. We will continue implementing best practices such as: small group/skills-based instruction, Tier II intervention, robust core instruction, etc. to maintain success. 84% of students are at or above benchmark according to the RI assessment. Our goal is to maintain proficiency and

increase the ROI by 1-2 word per week for those not yet reaching benchmark. 73% of students are reaching benchmark according to the Dibels early release math assessment. Our goal is to increase this number by 5%.

TSSA: Our goal is to increase by 4% to 82% proficiency. For those students below benchmark show a rate of improvement (ROI) of 1-2 words per week. Our goal is to maintain and/or increase 2% proficiency on Acadience math assessment by spring benchmark.


Next Meeting: November 9, 2020 at 4:15 p,m.

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