9760 S. 3100 E.
Sandy, UT 84092

Daily Schedule 2021 – 2022

Bell Schedule

Monday – Thursday

1st – 5th grade

 8:55 Welcome Bell    

 9:00 School Begins

 3:35 School Dismissed 


AM  9:00 – 11:40

PM 12:55 – 3:35

Friday – Early Release

1st – 5th grade

8:55 Welcome Bell    

9:00 School Begins 

1:55 School Dismissed


AM 9:00 – 11:00

PM 11:55 -1:55


Recess Schedule:

Kindergarten am         10:30-10:45

First Grade                  2:30-2:45  

Second/Third              11:00-11:15

Fourth/Fifth                10:30-10:45

Kindergarten PM        2:30-2:45/1-1:15(F)

Brain Booster: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9:00-10:00     Planning/ECC Playworks

10:00-10:35   (W) K Playworks

10:00-10:20   (T) K Library

10:45-11:30    1st  

11:30-12:15     Planning/lunch

12:15-1:00       2nd

1:05-1:50      5th/K PM

1:55-2:40         4th

2:50-3:35         3rd 

Lunch Schedule

Grade                        Recess                                      Lunch

4th                            12:00-12:20                           12:20-12:40

5th                             12:20-12:40                          12:00-12:20 

1st                             1:00-1:20                             12:40-1:00

ECC                           12:40-1:00                              1:00-1:20

3rd                             1:20-1:40                                 1:00-1:20

2nd                             1:00-1:20                                1:20-1:40

  1. Lunches from home will be put in the grade level-rolling cart and delivered to the lunchroom prior to the start of lunch. Students will take the carts with them at the end of their lunch period.
  2. Playground assistants will signal the students to lineup for lunch and escort them to the south outside doors.
  3. Students will enter the south doors, drop balls and equipment in the bin then clean their hands at the sanitation station.
  4. All coats, gloves, etc. will remain with the students while they eat.
  5. Students will be asked to clean up their area and then be excused one table at a time to dump their tray and walk around to where they line up.
  6. During an “inside recess” teachers will need to pick up their students at their assigned tables. Please make sure the surrounding floor and area is cleared of large items before exiting the lunchroom.
  7. Please be on time!
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