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Principal’s News: November 2021

To live and enjoy a good life, find a healthy balance between wanting more and appreciating enough.  Realize that what you have is worthy of gratitude and appreciation, even as you strive for more. – Unknown

Sometimes eating enough veggies is challenging even in summer, but winter can make it even more difficult.  Here are some top winter picks to help you stay on top of the veggie scene.  I’ve also included the vitamin benefit of these choices (largest amounts listed first):

  1. Kale (Vit A, C, K, B’s, Mg)
  2. Brussel Sprouts (Vit K, A, B’s, C)
  3. Carrots (Vit A + antioxidants)
  4. Swiss Chard (Vit A, C, K)
  5. Parsnips (Vit C, B and E)
  6. Collard Greens (Vit K, B’s and C)
  7. Rutabagas (Vit C, K, B’s)
  8. Red Cabbage (Vit A, C, B’s, K)
  9. Radishes (Vit B’s, C, K)
  10. Parsley (Vit K, C)

When thinking towards your garden next year, plant some of these.  Many can survive cold and frost so you can eat them through fall and into winter.

November is a time we set aside to especially focus on being grateful.  However, practicing gratitude the whole year can have tremendous positive impacts on one’s quality of life.  Forbes magazine outlines a few of the benefits:  Being grateful helps you win new friends, reduces social comparisons, contributes to improved physical and psychological health, increases empathy, and reduces aggression.  Practicing gratitude can even help you sleep better!  

This month, Mrs. Ross (our school counselor) will be reading “Give Thank You A Try” by James Patterson to the kindergarten class, and “Those Shoes” by Maribeth Boelts to the rest of the school. 

Calendar items:

November 3    10am, PTA meeting in the faculty lounge

November 5    Virtual learning day

November 8    4:15pm, SCC meeting in the library

November 17  Picture make-up

November 18  Report cards will come home

November 24-26 Thanksgiving Break

November 30  Chick-fil-A Spirit Night



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