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Principal’s News: October 2021

Sometimes it seems like we focus on just a part of our health, physical health.  But, just like fall with the multitude of colors, our health is comprised of a multitude of areas.  This month, let’s focus on reawakening our brains!  Vincent Van Gogh shared his love of sunflowers.  Sunflowers are out right now…everywhere!  Stop alongside the road and picked a few of the seed heads, leaving a long stem.  Put on music and use the seed heads as painting tools.  Use orange, yellow, red and purple paints.  You will love it! For October, we encourage you to get out, enjoy the fall colors (the canyon is at its prime right now).  Go get some sunflowers, put on some music, and paint…you’ll discover how refreshing it is. When you’re finished, take a walk and take in all the beauty that surrounds us.  Your brain will feel better.  Happy Fall!

How much screen time is too much? With any screen media, you want to look at how it engages your child. Maximize your child’s screen time by considering the “four C’s”: Connection, Critical Thinking, Creativity, & Context. Visit CSD’s “Digital Wellness (Links to an external site.)” page to learn more.

For everyone’s safety, before and after school, please remember to use the crosswalks.  Parents, you need to park and exit your car to cross with your student.  We will not allow students to cross without an adult.  Also, do not exit your car while waiting in the drop off lane.  We have a busy parking lot and need your help to keep everyone safe.

This month we are talking to students about having a growth mindset.  A growth mindset is a belief that intelligence can increase through study and practice.  People with a growth mindset tend to see challenges as opportunities to grow! An easy way to promote a growth mindset is to use the word “yet”.   The word “yet” indicates that things can be learned. “ I can’t do this…yet.”

This year Granite Elementary will conduct our annual Halloween parade.  We will begin the parade at 9:15am on Friday, October 29th.  If you plan to be a spectator, please be in the gym by 9:10am.  Students are encouraged to wear a Halloween costume, remember, costume masks cannot be worn after the parade. 

Thank you for making Parent Teacher Conferences a success.  It was great to celebrate our students and plan for their success.

Calendar Items:

Wednesday, October 6           10am PTA meeting, in the faculty room

Monday, October 11              4:15pm SCC meeting, in the library

Thursday, October 14             NO SCHOOL, Fall Break

Friday, October 15                  NO SCHOOL, Fall Break

Friday, October 22                  SALTA testing, please see district website for more information

Week of October 25-29          Red Ribbon Week

Friday, October 29                  9:15am Halloween Parade

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