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SCC Report

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School Community Councils (SCC) are comprised of elected parents and/or guardians whose children attend the school, elected employee representatives, and the school principal. The SCC reviews achievement data, helps identify academic needs, provides input on school improvement plans (TSSP), and assists in evaluating the success of the plans. The SCC is also responsible for determining how the LAND Trust funds are used in our school.

In addition, SCCs assist with the development and review of the School Safety Plan, the Digital Citizenship Plan, and Positive Behaviors Plan. SCCs also review and may offer input to the school electronic devices plan, safe walking routes plan and the school attendance plan.


TSSA & Land Trust Goals


  • 80% of kindergarten students, will meet or exceed benchmark on NWF-CLS
  • 85% of students in 1st grade will make typical or greater growth on NWF-WWR
  • 2nd & 3rd  grades will each have 80% of students achieve typical or greater growth as measured by Acadience Pathways to Progress.
  • 85% of students will score proficient or advanced on the Reading Inventory, and each grade will increase the percent of students scoring advanced by 5%

Math: 87% of students in each grade level will score proficient or advanced on Acadience Math Composite benchmark assessment.

Climate: From September of 2023 to May of 2024, we will decrease the number of students experiencing moderate or high risk internalizing behaviors by 5%.

Allocation of TSSA & Land Trust Dollars

TSSA $77,026 & Land Trust $55,713

Funds Paid For:

  • Instructional Assistants
  • Classroom Aides
  • Behavior and Wellness Supplies
  • Reading Curriculum for 4th & 5th Grades
  • Software & Technology
  • Community Nights
  • and more

Give Input and Approve Additional Plans

School Safety Plan

Digital Citizenship Plan

Safe Walking Routes Plan

Positive Behaviors (PBIS) Plan

Attendance Plan

Review Progress of Goals


  • Kindergarten – 97% of students on benchmark in NWF-CLS
  • First Grade –  71% of students made typical or greater growth on NWF-WWR
  • 2nd & 3rd –  77% of 2nd graders and 52% of 3rd graders made typical or greater growth
  • 4th & 5th –  84% of 4th graders, and 83% of 5th graders are proficient or advanced on RI. We increased the number of advanced students by an average of 31%

Math – Kdg. 86%, 1st grade 78%, 2nd grade 67%, 3rd grade 86%, 4th grade 83%, and 5th grade 87%

Climate – Internalizing behaviors decreased by 3% school-wide

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