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 In Third grade, we are hard at work learning our multiplication facts fluently. In the fall, we had a “Multiplication Bootcamp.” An entire week devoted to learning each of the facts from 0-12! Now, we use a program called “Reflex” to master the facts and develop fluency. Each week, we see which class has solved the most facts. That class gets the “Angry Fact Bird” for the week. Our goal is to solve 350,000 facts. We are well on our way there with over 200,000 facts solved!

Students also build an “ice cream sundae” when they pass off a three-minute timed test for each fact, 0-12. For example, when they passed off 0 and 1’s, they received their bowl. When they had their 2’s mastered, they added a scoop of vanilla, and so on. We recently had our party to celebrate all that we have mastered. It was a sweet day. 🙂

We love learning our multiplication in third grade!

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