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The 3rd Grade American Wax Museum has gone “Virtual”!  In trying to continue with the great traditions of Granite Elementary, our 3rd grade students were still able to participate in a Great American Wax Museum this year.  Students in 3rd grade were able to choose a Great American to study about for the Wax Museum.  Each student wrote a report, made a plaque, wrote an opinion paragraph and made a Bobble Head of their Great American.  To culminate the Great American unit in 3rd grade, students were then able to participate in the Wax Museum.  Each student dressed up as their Great American and gave a short speech.  The video of each class was then sent out to parents, grandparents, and other family members to view from the safety of their home.  It was different this year, but kind of wonderful.  The 3rd grade students did an amazing job! 

Great job 3rd graders!

Click on play to see Mrs. Hekking’s class pictures.

Click on play to see Miss Felt’s class pictures

Ms. Velazquez’s class pictures

3rd grade – student work:

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