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Principal’s News: February 2021

Educational Apps and Sites with Solid Privacy Policies
High-quality educational apps are many parents’ go-to when kids are home from school for extended periods. But even great apps can have subpar privacy. Tracking, collecting, and analyzing the data of your kids’ online activities and then sharing and selling that information to third parties is a common way app developers make money. Not all companies go that route, and Common-Sense Media recommends that families take a look under the hood before they download anything. If you want your kid using the most highly rated learning apps (and of course you do), then you should expect those apps’ privacy policies to be highly rated too.

At the App Store: Check to see whether the app even has a privacy policy — that’s the baseline requirement. Be cautious with “free” apps (in addition to sharing and selling data, they may be more likely to display targeted ads). 

After you download: Input as little information as required for registration; enable settings to restrict the app’s access to features on the device (camera, contact list, location, etc.). 

February is the month of all things LOVE, so what better way to celebrate than to eat foods which are good for your heart and cardiovascular system.  The foods that follow can help reduce blood pressure, heart attacks and deep vein thrombosis and, in general, just plain make you feel better.  As always recommended, check with your doctor before changing your diet if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

  1. For blood pressure: almonds, bananas, beets, carrots, cinnamon, citrus, ginger, sunflower seeds, turmeric and walnuts.
  2. For heart health: avocado, berries, dark chocolate (at least 85%), fish, green tea, onion, pomegranates, tomato and watermelon.
  3. For veins: cayenne, garlic, grapes and spinach.

These are just some of the foods, that will show our heart how much we love it!  Happy Valentines!

The window to change your learning option will be opened from February 7th – 14th.  If you are interested in changing your learning option, please log into your Skyward Family Access account to make the adjustment.  You do not need to do anything if you want to continue with your current choice.

We are looking for 2020-2021 Teacher Of the Year Nominations. If you would like to nominate one of our Granite teachers go to www.canyonsdistrict.org. You will find the link on the main page.  Nominations are due to Mrs. Mulqueen by March 5th.

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually on February 24th and 25th.  Please log into your Skyward Family Access account between February 8th – 19th to sign up for a time.

On Thursday, February 11th students will be invited to participate in a fun yet simple Valentine’s Day celebration.  You will receive a Covid friendly guideline for safe participation for Valentine’s Day.

Calendar items:
February 8       4:15pm SCC meeting
February 10     9am PTA meeting
February 15     No School – Presidents Day
February 24 & 25  Parent Teacher Conferences
February 24     Short Day – school will be released at 1:55pm
February 26     No School

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