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The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us. – Terri Marshall

Put a “Rein” on Stress:
Between the holidays and a well-known pandemic, our stress levels can be out of control.  Here are some tips to help:

  1. Be active every day.  Exercise is mentally and physically healthy.
  2. Limit the caffeine to reduce anxiety, sleep and digestive interruptions.
  3. Eat for health, by including a good amount of plant-based foods.
  4. Use meditation or yoga to calm our thoughts and bodies.
  5. Remember to breathe…really breathe.
  6. Think of positive possibilities, not “what ifs.”
  7. Be compassionate to yourself and to others.
  8. THRIVE!  Many set-backs do have a silver lining.

Let’s face 2021 with the attitude that good things are and will continue to happen.

We are entering a very busy time of the year.  So, take the time to enjoy those around you by setting up a device-free zone and place.  Invite your loved one to check-in their devices and spend time talking, sharing activities, and/or just catching up.  You can also have a basket of “Story Starters.”  Write several words on slips of paper and put them in a basket.  Have each person choose a word from the basket.  These words are now your “Story Starter.”  Everyone has to help make up a story using all the words that were chosen.

Common Sense Media rates movies, TV shows, books, and more so parents can feel good about the entertainment choices they make for their kids.

We are fortunate to enjoy all four seasons and this week we experienced our first snow. This is a great reminder to help your children dress appropriately for the weather.  When the temperature and air quality permits, they will be outside in the morning and for recess. 

Granite Elementary continues to adjust to improve our communication and keep our community informed and connected.  We have added a “Principal’s Corner” to our website where you will find current school communication.  Visit our website at for current information, pictures and events happening at our school, staff information, community resources, and more.  If there is information you need that you cannot find on our website please don’t hesitate to call.  Teachers will use regular communication to keep you informed of upcoming events, assignments, Friday school, homework, and more.  Please make sure you are utilizing their Canvas page, emails and home notes to stay informed.

Calendar items:
January 4          Return from Winter Break
January 11        4:15 SCC virtual meeting
January 13        9:00 PTA virtual meeting
January 18        NO School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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