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February 13, 2023 – Minutes


x__ Elcena Saline (Principal)

x__ Katie Dahle (Chair)

 __ Christie Taylor (PTA)

x__ Matt Box

x__ Stacey Noble

__ Michelle Schmidt

__ Kim Wedlick

x__ Stacie Zisakis

__ Vince Craig

x__ Julia Sorenson

__ Chris Collier

__ Kailey Collier

x__ Nicole Curtis





Approve Minutes—Julia Sorenson made a motion to approve the minutes, and Nicole Curtis seconded the motion.

SCC Business

  • STEAM night assessment-3 options on the home screen for Google Virtual goggles.

Spheros went well in the smaller, contained space. 50% didn’t work or had lost their charge.

Legos were popular. Kids enjoyed building. All sets in use. Put one set on each table.

Art-pots Lots of students at this station. Very popular. Weren’t able to get clay Mrs. Carr wanted. Red clay was messier on the hands.

Merge cubes–Vince

Math Logic games- weren’t as popular, but students stopped by and played with parents.

Enough refreshments–cookies, milk and water

Principal Report

District’s new SEL curriculum. Skills for success– 6 areas for growth

Lessons are built for Morning Meetings-greeting, share, activity, message

Kindergarten and 4th grade will pilot 2 areas: Making Responsible Decisions and Respecting Myself and others.  

  • School Based Mental Health Information

Granite houses a satellite office for a non-profit group called Project Connections. Students are referred. Parents approve. Counselors help students with situations that are not school related. Insurances are billed. Scholarships are available. Students receive services during the school day. We are currently working on getting a therapist staffed here. Therapist will have two hours a week to work with the school support team to coordinate services and help for students.

  • Draft Land Trust Plan for 23-24

Cena shared goals on the screen in the meeting.

Granite was the top scoring school in the district by school report grade.

Recommended Goals for 23-24


Each classroom has 80% of their students make typical or above typical growth

80% of all students will make typical or greater growth

95% students below benchmark in fall, make above typical or well above typical growth–Not representing a large percentage of students with this goal.


80% of students will make typical or above typical growth per grade level.



75% of students will score advanced on RI (Reading Inventory)

85% of students will score proficient or advanced on RI (Reading Inventory)

90 % of students will score proficient or advanced on RI (Reading Inventory)


85% of students will score proficient or advanced on RI (Reading Inventory)

Increase percentage of students scoring advanced.


87% proficient or advanced on Math Composite


87% proficient or advanced on Math Composite

Climate goals:

Attendance- discussed that a goal would probably not impact student absences.

Teacher Wellness- Set a goal based on a teacher survey about job satisfaction. Use funds to give teachers a free sub day or optional days when the school is closed that teachers could come in and work in the building for 8 hours. Stipend ($250/day currently).

Student Wellness- Thrive Time

17 hour aide- Work with the Multi-language learners

Cena will present recommendations to BLT.

$40,000 for Tier II aides (maybe more)

$13,000 substitute pay for Wonders planning and to observe one another

$2,000 decodable readers to make text connections


PTA Report-Christie Taylor is home sick today.


Thank you Nancy Tingey for coming to our meeting today. Our school board member assigned to Granite.

Matt Box made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Nicole Curtis seconded the motion.

Next Meeting: March 13th 4:15pm

Guest remarks are limited to 3 minutes

TSSA/Landtrust Goals: 1) 80% of students in Kindergarten-3rd grade will make at least typical progress according to Acadience Pathways to Progress. 80% of students in 4th and 5th grade will be at proficient or higher in Reading Inventory (RI) by the end of the year. 2) 84% of students are reaching benchmark according to Acadience math assessment. Our goal is to maintain and/or increase 1-2% proficiency. 3) Students will identify the qualities needed to have positive social interactions with peers and persevere through difficult tasks.

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