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January 9, 2023 – Minutes


_x_ Elcena Saline (Principal)

_x_ Katie Dahle (Chair)

_x_ Christie Taylor (PTA)

_x_ Matt Box

_x_ Stacey Noble

_x_ Michelle Schmidt

_x_ Kim Wedlick

_x_ Stacie Zisakis

_x_ Vince Craig

_x_ Julia Sorenson

__ Chris Collier

__ Kailey Collier

_x_ Nicole Curtis





Approve Minutes- Stacey Noble made a motion to approve the minutes, and Michelle Schmidt seconded the motion.

SCC Business

  • STEAM night assignments- Feb. 6th, 6pm
  • Have everything ready and signed up by 5:45.
    • Stations-Spheros (Katie), Google Cardboard (Matt), Lego Robotics (Stacey), Art project (Mrs. Carr/Christie), science experiment (Julie), Math logic games (Vince), 3D printer
    • Flyer-Katie Dahle
    • Posters showing listing available activities and locations- Michelle (design) and Kim (set-up)
    • Entrance to school lit up with a welcome poster. Classrooms locked. Hallways inaccessible.
    • Refreshments- Michelle
  • Library rating system-Vince Craig

Cena will talk to the District Library Specialist. Can we put a sticker on books to alert students as to the mature content of books?

Suggestion: Students bring books home to parents before they start reading so parents can check/gauge content of the book prior to reading.

Looked at the Destiny Library system for CSD. There is general information/topics available for each book.

Parents keep in touch with books students are reading. Parents can restrict a determined amount of titles that their child reads/checks out from the school library by filling out a request form. Cena will find out the amount of books that can be restricted.

Educate parents about Search tools on Destiny-Library Search available online.


Principal Report

  • Review current year’s LAND Trust/TSSP
  • Data review/goals for next year’s LAND Trust/TSSP
  • Description of Safe Routes plan detailed.
  • Known issues: Students walking on Old Wasatch. Can a bus stop be added for the yellow bus to pick up these students? Can the city add a sidewalk?
  • Hidden Pine Lane–sidewalks have been added.
  • Looked at Safe Walking Routes. Change Mount Jordan Road to not a safe walking route west of Granite Park.
  • La Petite/Alta Canyon buses–changing where they park and wait for students
  • Checking into adding gates near the cemetery.
  • Camera audit in 2-5 years according to the district.
  • Talking with the city if it is feasible to add a gate to the catwalk on the northside of the school.
  • New playground is due to open in February.
  • Bus drivers can request police access on snowy days. They can also turn on their lights and drive on the opposite side of the road if no cars are coming.

PTA Report


Next Meeting: February 13th 4:15pm

Guest remarks are limited to 3 minutes

TSSA/Landtrust Goals: 1) 80% of students in Kindergarten-3rd grade will make at least typical progress according to Acadience Pathways to Progress. 80% of students in 4th and 5th grade will be proficient or higher in Reading Inventory (RI) by the end of the year. 2) 84% of students are reaching benchmark according to the Acadience math assessment. Our goal is to maintain and/or increase 1-2% proficiency. 3) Students will identify the qualities needed to have positive social interactions with peers and persevere through difficult tasks.


Nicole Curtis made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vince Craig seconded the motion.

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