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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

November 8, 2021 – Minutes


Ronnie Mulqueen

Natalie Gleave

Bekah Craig

Matt Box

Quinn Nicolich

Sarah Wilkins

Richard Wilkins

Giulia Carvalho

Kim Weddlick


Previous minutes (October) approved by Sarah Wilkins – 1st & Bekah Craig – 2nd


New member – Guila Carvalho


TSSP/Land Trust – review and goals

  • Hired 4th assistant with funds
    • To help with 3rd grade – 2 ½ EFT
    • Small group instruction, progress monitoring, etc.
  • On budget to have all money spent
  • Technology spending?…
    • Ipad covers, document cameras,

TSSP/Land Trust goals

  • Reading: 80% of students will meet typical progress/growth second year implementing the progress goal
    • Focus on progress rather than proficiency
    • K-3 progress monitored through Acadience throughout the year
      • At risk/below benchmark students progress monitor more frequently than those who are not
    • Math: 84% of students are reaching benchmark according to Acadience math assessment.
      • 84% of students, statewide, reach the goal. The goal is for students at Granite to maintain (84%) or increase 1 or 2% to reach 85% or 86%
      • Percentage is taken from a schoolwide average, not by grade level.
      • New percentage goal will be set in January 2022 and adjustments will be made to schoolwide plan to meet the new goal for the following year.
    • Money is spent to support students in meeting that goal
    • Social Emotional Learning: implement circles/morning meetings to support students’ understanding of monthly skill and their ability to implement these character skills
      • Second Step curriculum still on hold
        • Board is voting on Tuesday, November 9th regarding moving forward with the curriculum or not. Who knows….. What will happen?!?!?!?


  • How does the school teach students about peer pressure, mental health, and creating positive relationships?
    • Grade level meeting once a month with Andrea Stolfa to teach students about monthly skill – CURRENTLY ON HOLD BECAUSE OF SECOND STEPS
    • Monthly meeting with school counselor
    • Weekly mini-lessons and support in the classroom on an as-needed basis by teachers
  • SEL tab being added to school website with resources for parents and families
  • How to better enroll parents and communicate SEL focusses?
    • Incentivize with a parent letter that can be signed and sent back to include in a drawing?
    • All information on the website
    • Principal’s news has all the info!!!! Look on the website or read when it comes home!
    • Parent survey to inquire about the influence the SEL curriculum/implementation has had so far?

School Safety Plan

  • #1 safety concern, as decided by SCC, is digital safety at home.
  • Digital Safety parent night?
    • FBI or SRO to come speak?
    • How to address/make parents aware of the BAD on apps and how to protect kids.
  • Will be approved by


  • Kim Weddlick 1st & Richard Wilkins 2nd APPROVED!!!!! – on website


Cell Tower Funds

  • Approved to buy teacher lunches?

COVID Update

  • Zero cases right now (as of 11/8/21)
  • If Granite hits 30 active cases, we will test to stay

Safety Report

  • October – Lock Down
    • Copy room cannot hear the intercom – need to be told in person
      • Work order has been placed to fix intercom
    • One class did not lock down due to a student in crisis during the time of the drill
  • November – bomb threat
    • Planted throughout the school (NOT IN K, 1, or 2)

Volunteer check-in

  • What is the purpose of having all parents sign in for a school event?
    • Will it create a bottleneck or discourage parents from attending school events?
  • Stage staff or volunteers at entrances to man doors, welcome parents and visitors?
    • Like Watchdogs! Or ‘Dads on Duty’.
    • Dawn Black w/ Sandy City for Neighborhood watch?
      • Does she have ideas for this
    • Database for volunteers that want to help with this?


*Ronnie requests we meet in December*

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