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Important Information About Early Out Fridays

October 11, 2021 – Agenda

Ronnie Mulqueen (Principal)
__ Katie Dahle (chair)
__ Natalie Gleave (vice chair)
__ Bekah Craig (PTA)
__ Matt Box
__ Kelly Frye
__ Quinn Nicolich

__ Stacey Noble
__ Michelle Schmidt
__ Laura Warnock
__ Kim Wedlick
__ Sarah Wilkins
__ Richard Wilkins
__ Giulia Carvalho


Welcome Approve Minutes SCC Business

  • ●  Welcome new members/ Introductions

  • ●  Family Nights- how many and dates

  • ●  Review Bylaw changes

  • ●  Rules of Order and Procedure

    Principal’s Report

  • ●  TSSP/Land Trust-review & Budget update

  • ●  Cell Tower Fund

  • ●  COVID update

  • ●  SEL update

  • ●  Safety report and plan

  • ●  Digital Citizenship report and plan

    PTA Report Celebrations Adjourn

Next Meeting: November 8th at 4:15pm in Granite Elementary Library
Guests may submit a discussion item to the principal or chair 9 days prior to the next meeting to be placed on the agenda. Guest remarks are limited to 3 minutes.

TSSA/Landtrust Goals: 1) 80% of students in Kindergarten-3rd grade will make at least typical progress according to Acadience Pathways to Progress. 80% of students in 4th and 5th grade will be at proficient or higher in Reading Inventory (RI) by the end of the year. 2) 84% of students are reaching benchmark according to Acadience math assessment. Our goal is to maintain and/or increase 1-2% proficiency. 3) Students will identify the qualities needed to have positive social interactions with peers and persevere through difficult tasks.

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