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SCC Members:

_X_Katie D (chair)      
_X_Kelly F
_X_Laura W                           
_X_ Kevin T
_X_Jenny B (PTA)         

_X_Michelle S            
_X_Kim W
__Terri P (teacher)   
_X_Tiffany S (co-chair)         
_X_Ronnie M (admin)          

Approve Minutes:  Skipped.  Last meeting minutes can be approved either by email or in the next meeting on Oct. 12

-Katie to present SCC meeting dates

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Oct. 12
Nov. 9
Dec. 14
Jan. 11
Feb. 8
Mar. 8
Apr. 12
May 10

-Katie to discuss SCC training and superintendent luncheon
 -Computers are 1:1 at the HS and MS level.  Not at the Elem School level (working on it).

-Covid – 3 cases in a class, has the classroom quarantine.  15 in a school, the response is up to each school.

Reports from subcommittee:

Principal: Granite Chromebooks are 1:1 for all grades except K.  Ordering is months out for delivery.

COVID 19 update
 Mitigation – currently doubling up on mitigation processes. Motion to eliminate double wellness checks on staff and move to only office wellness checks on new people in the office. 

Motion – Kelley F
 2nd – Laura W
Vote approved

Staffing, online/inperson – Parents will be asked to declare in person vs. online for the next grading period.  This should be coming out soon to parents.  These declarations will affect staffing within each school.  Quarantines are school and grade specific.  Granite has zero cases.

Canvas – Used more readily by 4-5th grades.  Those grades can move from in-person to online quickly.  The lower grades are not as flexible.  Lower grades will not have instant access to classroom materials.  Parents of kids in the lower grades will need to work with teachers individually.  Each classroom will be a bit different.

Communication – Currently, there is a separate group communication for kids in online instruction.  All information going to students is on the school website,  regardless of online or in-person school.

Mitigation, staffing, students online/in-person, Canvas expectation, access curriculum success and adjustments

Communication – skylert, website

After the first grading period

PTC -Parent Teacher Conf – All virtual conferences.  Parents can sign up now.  Teachers can use Zoom unless a child is on the call.  Then, the teacher has to move to Google Meets.  Google Meets has better safety filters.  Zoom has more flexibility.

Budget proposal – TSSA, Landtrust, Cell Tower

Budget – comments – Ronnie would like to get a tech order in even though it wont get here until the spring.  60 kids have checked out chromebooks this school year.

Motion to approve proposals for both TSSA and Land Trust Budgets

Motion – Katie D
2nd – Kelly F
Vote approved

Ronnie would also like  to add field trips to the TSSA budget in the future.

Cell Budget – Ronnie is requesting $2000 from the Cell Budget for “pat on the back” ideas for the teachers.  Comments – As long as there is the reserve, spending what the cell tower brings in will keep our budget safe.

Motion to approve $2000 from the cell budget for teacher thank you. 

Motion – Katie D
2nd – Laura W
 Vote approved

Karla Mchale fundraiser discussion

Karla McHale – visitor, presented thoughts on an SCC fundraiser for a big ticket item for the school.  She suggested a silent auction.  Comments – What are our big ticket needs?  What is the timing? What would another fundraiser look like?  Is it needed.  Decided that Katie D will send out a poll to the teachers asking for big ticket school need ideas.  We can also run the ideas past students for a possible vote.  Timing for the fundraiser will have to be after the pandemic when families aren’t feeling so much stress.  But the ideas and planning can start now.

Current year roster of committee members will be online shortly.


Landtrust budget and goals update: Approximately 80% of students are reaching benchmark in reading and math according to Dibels.  We will continue implementing best practices such as: small group/skills-based instruction, Tier II intervention, robust core instruction, etc. to maintain success. 84% of students are at or above benchmark according to the RI assessment. Our goal is to maintain proficiency and increase the ROI by 1-2 word per week for those not yet reaching benchmark.  73% of students are reaching benchmark according to the Dibels early release math assessment. Our goal is to increase this number by 5%.

TSSA: Our goal is to increase by 4% to 82% proficiency. For those students below benchmark show a rate of improvement (ROI) of 1-2 words per week. Our goal is to maintain and/or increase 2% proficiency on Acadience math assessment by spring benchmark


Next Meeting: 

October 12, 2020


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