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Utah Refugee Connection

As a school, we are having a fundraiser—SHARING OUR LOVE WITH UTAH REFUGEE CONNECTION. The fundraiser dates are: February 10-21.

We are working in cooperation with Utah Refugee Connection, a local organization that seeks to create meaningful connections between refugees and the community. Utah Refugee Connection supports local refugees to help them develop self-sufficient and fulfilling lives.

Your donation will help a refugee have the cleaning supplies needed. Please note, in order for families to receive donations, they are required to attend classes to help them become more self-sufficient.

Our school goal is to create 100 kits. If we reach our goal, Mrs. Mulqueen will give each student in the school a treat.

We are asking each grade level to bring the following items:

Kindergarten: Kitchen rags

1st grade: Scrub sponges

2nd grade: Multi-purpose spray

3rd grade: Dish soap (not clear liquid)

4th grade: Comet

5th grade: Laundry detergent (100-120 ounces preferred)

Please send donations to school by February 21, 2020. We appreciate your generosity as you support our school with this fundraiser!

February Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship education should be a community effort, and the impact can be more powerful when students have multiple trusted adults they can discuss issues with. One issue that’s becoming increasingly important both in and out of the classroom revolves around the following question, “How do we keep children and young people safe online while ensuring their technology use is positive and purposeful?” With Parent/Teacher conferences fast approaching we thought it would be a good time to share with you this post. This post offers 10 tips for parents looking to help their child navigate their digital lives. The attached image shows only abbreviated tips.  See the post for full details.

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