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Granite Parade on Friday!

The teachers at Granite are really missing our students, so we are going to do a teacher parade through the Granite boundaries on Friday, April 24th.  We are planning on leaving Granite at 1:00pm.   We will start at the school and head towards Dimple Dell.    We have done our best to plan a route that takes us through each part of our boundaries. Please use the map to find a street near you. Remember to use appropriate social distancing to keep our students safe.  As our boundaries cross some busy roads and lights, our parade may get separated.  Be patient and wait a few minutes as there will probably be multiple waves of teacher cars coming through.  We can’t wait to see you on Friday!

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CSD Offers Counseling, Self-Care Strategies for Coping with COVID-19

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We’ve countered COVID-19’s assault on our physical health by social distancing and working and educating our children from home. But what can, and should, we be doing to safeguard our mental health?

World health experts who have argued for flattening the COVID-19 curve are now warning of a second coronavirus wave of depression, anxiety and emotional exhaustion that could last long after the infectious disease threat has waned.

“It’s important to take care of yourself after any traumatic event,” says BJ Weller, Director of Canyons District’s Responsive Services Department, which oversees counseling and social-emotional supports in schools. “But this health crisis has been particularly worrisome from a mental wellness perspective, because the steps we’ve needed to take to respond can make it harder to cope emotionally.” Social distancing has left many of us socially isolated and economically vulnerable. We are grieving the loss of loved ones and important rituals, from weddings to graduation ceremonies, even as we lose connection with family and friends, the very people to whom we turn to mourn our losses.

But students and parents can take comfort knowing they’re not alone, Weller says. “We’re all going through this together, and help is available.” Throughout the soft closure of Utah’s schools, CSD social workers, psychologists and counselors have been proactively checking-in with students by email or phone. As the growing need for mental health supports has become apparent, the Department of Responsive Services is now launching an online behavioral supports request form that parents can easily access from home.

Request Social Emotional / Mental Health Support

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