Kindergarten Learning!

As we begin our journey in kindergarten, we are learning our letters and sounds so we can get ready to read. Recently, we added some creativity to our letters with playdough! We created upper and lowercase letters, said their sounds out loud and shared our creations with a partner. They loved this fun creative time that supported our educational goals in the classroom. These tiny students are the cutest!

Brooke Bain Turns 50!

Our sweet librarian, Brooke Bain turned 50 on Thursday Sept. 9th, and her husband surprised her with donuts for the staff and a blown up poster of her high school year book picture. The Granite staff had a great time celebrating with her, and gushing over her. Thanks for all you do, Brooke and Happy Birthday!

Principal’s News: September 2021

Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you. – Walt Whitman

Fall is about to fall upon us. What a great time to get outdoors. We have such amazing access to mountains that there’s no excuse to get out there and take a walk or hike. Make exercise more fun by challenging yourself to a scavenger hunt….Happy almost fall!

1. Find a Pika pile (look for those mounds of greens that Pike build on the rocks).

2. Find what seems like the largest chipmunk possible (it’s really a Golden Mantled Squirrel…no stripes on its face).

3. Can you spot a hummingbird (what else do they eat besides the nectar from flowers?)?

4. Can you see a moose or a deer from a distance?

5. Did you know there’s a mink running around Silverlake…have you seen him?

6. Did you know there are many active Beaver Lodges in our canyons…can you find one?

7. Did you get close enough to a Yellow-bellied Marmot for it to yell at you?

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