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Meet Mrs. DiPietro: First Grade Teacher

Mrs. DiPietro is one of our fabulous first grade teachers. She grew up in Salt Lake City where she attended Bonneville Elementary. Her favorite place to go on vacation is someplace with a nice, warm beach like Hawaii or Fiji so she can sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to the calming waves against the sand. Her grandchildren make her laugh. Her children, grandchildren, and her students make her the happiest. Her greatest accomplishment is her family. She has 3 wonderful grown children who are kind, caring, responsible people who contribute positively to society and are doing great jobs raising their own families. What you might not know about her is that she has sewn since she was 7 years old making a dress for herself as a first project. She won a sewing contest as a teenager and has been sewing ever since.

Meet Terri Peterson: First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Peterson, one of our fabulous first grade teachers, grew up in Idaho Falls and attended Longfellow Elementary School. Her favorite place to go on vacation is anywhere about 8,000 feet – that’s up in the mountains. She enjoys skiing, being in the snow, (lots of snow) anywhere in the mountains. Her greatest accomplishment is living in the New York City area for 27 years. She says that it was quite an adventure. What you might not know about her is that she did a 14-mile hike in Yosemite National Park in California over her Spring Break.

First Grade Butterflies

First graders learned about the life cycle of the butterfly. Each first grade class got 5 caterpillars. Mrs. DiPietro’s class watched them eat and grow over the next 7-10 days. They grew a lot. When they were ready, they crawled to the top of the cup, hung in a “J” shape and formed a chrysalis. We were lucky enough to catch one in the process of forming it’s chrysalis just after we arrived at school one morning. It happens pretty fast and Zach had fortunately caught it happening and alerted the class so we all huddled around and watched the amazing transformation. We transfered them to their “butterfly habitat” and waited for about 10 more days for them to emerge from their chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly. We could tell they were getting ready because the chrysalis became more transparent and we could start to see the wings inside the chrysalis. Finally the day arrived and the painted lady butterflies emerged from their chrysalis. We fed them orange slices from which they drank the sweet juice. We had a lot of fun observing these beautiful little creatures that had joined our class. After about 5 more days, it was time to set them free. We took them outside and sat in a circle. One by one, Mrs. DiPietro would get a butterfly on her finger and was able pass the butterfly from her finger to a student’s finger. As the students sat in a circle on the grass, each and every child had the opportunity to hold a butterfly on the tip of their finger at some point. The children were delighted when some of the butterflies even landed on some of the children and stayed for a bit before flying off. It was hard to let them go but we knew they needed to be free so they could lay more eggs and start the cycle again. We sure enjoyed watching the metamorphosis take place and it was a fun learning experience.

Buddies Going to Middle School

Some of our beloved buddies are moving on to middle school.  They recently had their advancement ceremony. Classmates gave a short talk and presented a candy poster to their friends.  Mrs. Mulqueen gave them their memory books and a treasured book with a personalized note inside.  Fun was had by all.  We wish them the very best in middle school.  Granite grizzlies love them and will miss them!

Granite Elementary Art Show and Contest 2021

Granite Elementary held its annual spring art show and contest.  We had 169 beautiful entries.  Click on the video to see all of our grizzlies’ wonderful art. Three students’ art works were chosen to hang in the halls of Granite.  Granite students have talent!

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