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Meet Miss Robin: Extended Core Teacher

Miss Robin teaches our Extended Core students. She was born in Sandy and went to Sunrise Elementary. Her favorite place to go on a vacation is a sunny beach. As the weather get colder, she is missing the warm summer months more and more. She loves spending time with her family and friends because they make her happy, and they enjoy lots of laughs together. Her greatest accomplishment is her family. She has an adorable son that she is so proud of. What you might not know about her is that she has climbed to the top of a volcano. An inactive one, of course!

Meet Miss Donna: Extended Core Teacher

Miss Donna teaches the youngest Extended Core students at Granite. She grew up on the east coast in the state of Florida. She went to J. J. Finley Elementary School. Her favorite place to visit is the ocean. She loves hearing the crash of the waves, smelling the salt in the air, and seeing the beauty all around her. What makes her most happy is seeing and being with people, especially her children. Helping others to be happy is her greatest accomplishment, and she does that each day with her students at Granite. One last detail about Miss Donna is that she loves listening to bluegrass music.

Meet Miss Laura: Extended Core Teacher

Miss Laura Bossard is the teacher for our older Extended Core class. She grew up in three different states—California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. She attended Saratoga Elementary in California. Her favorite place to go on vacation is to the mountains. She loves everything alpine from the mountains and moose down to the chippers and picas. She is happy and laughs most often when she is with her family and friends. She is also content to be hiking and skiing. Her greatest accomplishment is her two amazing children. Something interesting about Miss Laura is that she was a white-water river guide while in college. Her students are lucky to be in her class.

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