Camping Fun!

Our Granite class up at Alta recently had their annual camping trip.  In addition to the usual camping activities of roasting marshmallows and singing around the campfire, they had class at their campground on Friday.  They found cozy places in the sun to read, did math at the picnic tables, and created nature mandalas. The class went on a morning walk and used the ‘see, think, wonder’ routine to look at the world in a more scientific way.  Best of all, they all learned more about each other.  They had a great time!

Character Ed With Mrs. Ross

This year our new school counselor, Mrs. Ross, will be choosing character-based stories to read in our classrooms.  This month we have been talking about kindness!  Grades K-2 listened to Mrs. Ross read “Have You Filled a Bucket Today” by Carol Mcloud and grades 3-5 listened to “The Summer My Father Was Ten”, by Pat Brisson.

Would you like to reinforce this topic at home?  Help your child notice how it feels to be kind and to notice the way others respond when you are kind.  Additionally, you can practice perspective taking with your child.  You can teach your child to regularly ask “How would I feel if that happened to me?”.  And, of course, model kind behavior at home!

Fourth Graders Learn About Pioneers

In fourth grade, students study Utah history in Social Studies. Every year they get to go to This is the Place State Park to learn about the pioneers. Those pioneers trekked 1100 miles to Utah in search of a new life and new opportunities. Recently students had a great time visiting the park and got to learn all about what life was like during pioneer times. They learned about different jobs that people had, how they traveled, and even got to try their hand at panning for gold!

Vacation Day at School?

Student council held their first dress up day of the year.  Vacay day was a big success.  Students dressed up in their favorite vacation clothes and had a great day.

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