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Brain Booster Teacher: Chell Carr

Mrs. Carr is our amazing art teacher. She grew up close by in Cottonwood Heights. She attended Ridgecrest Elementary. She loves to travel with her family. Hawaii is one of her favorite vacation spots. Exploring the island and sitting on the beach is the best. She misses pintrading and hanging out at Disneyland. Besides one of the funniest comedians Jim Gaffigan making her laugh, her husband makes her laugh daily. Mrs. Carr’s life motto is to try to be kinder than is necessary. She likes the quote from Cinderella, “Have courage and be kind.” What you might not know about her is that she loves to play games. She plays games almost every day including some of her favorites: Ticket to Ride, Camel Up and Phase 10.

Brain Booster Teacher: Sara Anderson

Mrs. Anderson or as the students call her Coach Sara is our Playworks teacher. She grew up in Bellevue Washington. She attended Newport Heights Elementary School. Her favorite place to go on vacation is to the ocean because it’s so beautiful and restorative meaning that it makes her feel good inside. She loves spending time with her family or relaxing and reading a good book. Her greatest accomplishment besides her 5 great kids is building a community playground. And guess what? She doesn’t like dark chocolate. So sad for her.

Valentine’s Day Fun

It may be a different kind of year, but our Grizzlies still had a ton of fun on Valentine’s day.  Nothing can stop a good party.

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First Grade Fun!

First graders had lots of fun this month.  They celebrated the 100th day of school, had fun Valentine’s parties, played in some of the first snow of the year with friends, and then built some cool things on our snow day.  Way to go 1st graders.

Third Grade Great American Wax Museum

The 3rd Grade American Wax Museum has gone “Virtual”!  In trying to continue with the great traditions of Granite Elementary, our 3rd grade students were still able to participate in a Great American Wax Museum this year.  Students in 3rd grade were able to choose a Great American to study about for the Wax Museum.  Each student wrote a report, made a plaque, wrote an opinion paragraph and made a Bobble Head of their Great American.  To culminate the Great American unit in 3rd grade, students were then able to participate in the Wax Museum.  Each student dressed up as their Great American and gave a short speech.  The video of each class was then sent out to parents, grandparents, and other family members to view from the safety of their home.  It was different this year, but kind of wonderful.  The 3rd grade students did an amazing job! 

Great job 3rd graders!

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Ms. Velazquez’s class pictures

3rd grade – student work:

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